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Department of Management

Welcome to Department of Management

The Department of Management is the center for Management education and research in the Eastern University Sri Lanka.  Management education was first taught at Eastern University in 1989, and is now offered in a full array of degrees, diplomas and Postgraduate diploma, taught by some of the most experienced and best qualified lecturers in Sri Lanka. The degree program of department of Management at the Eastern University is the one of the most successful program in Sri Lanka. The Management Department offers BBA degree (special) programme and two specialized degree programmes for the undergraduates. They are; 1. BBA (Specialization in Human Resource Management) 2. BBA (Specialization in Marketing Management) It is also assisting the Faculty in conduct of postgraduate programs in Master of Business Administration. The department publishes a quarterly newsletter "Leader" targeting the G.C.E Advanced Level Students.

Head/Department of Management
Dr. A. Anton Arulrajah

Dr. A. Anton Arulrajah
Phd (UoC), M.Sc (IT)(UoM), M.Sc (USJP), BBA (Hons)(EUSL), CTHE (UoC), SEDA (UK)
Senior Lecturer - Gr-II
Department of Management
Faculty of Commerce and Management
Telephone: (065) 2240737