About the Annual Research Session

Annual Research Session, Faculty of Commerce and Management – 2020 (ARSFCM – 2020) is organized by Faculty of commerce and management, Eastern University, Sri Lanka under the theme of “Sharing Business Knowledge for Community Well-being” which is scheduled to be held on 30th September 2020 at FCM Auditorium. This scholarly forum provides the platform for research students, knowledge seekers and industrialists to share and disseminate knowledge on invaluable findings of the current research while initiating the opportunities towards business transformation and community wellbeing.

ARSFCM 2020 Theme

“Sharing Business Knowledge for Community Well-being”

Goal of the ARSFCM 2020

The ARSFCM – 2020, especially focuses on undergraduate students to submit their research papers on the topics in the field of management, commerce, and economics with the aim to open an avenue for students, academics, industry and community linkage through valuable research findings, to give a chance to undergraduates to share their interest with faculty, students and other stakeholders, to gain experience presenting their work in a professional conference environment, and to receive useful and constructive feedback on their research from eminent scholars and industrial experts.

Industrial Dialogue

The Industrial Dialogue will be one of the critical components in ARSFCM – 2020 where actors from industrial sector share and discuss their views and practices in business as well as community development.

Theme & Tracks

Theme of the Symposium

“Sharing Business Knowledge for Community Well-being”


  • Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Commerce
  • Economics

Important Dates

ARS Date : 30th September, 2020


The ARSFCM-2020 will be held at the Auditorium of Faculty of Commerce and Management, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. The following map indicates the venue of the Annual Research Session
Location of ARSFCM-2020 will be the Auditorium of Faculty of Commerce and Management + Virtual (Zoom)


Chair of the ARSFCM 2020

Dr. S.Jeyarajah

Secretary of the ARSFCM 2020

Dr. F.B. Kennedy

Sub Committee Members

Mr. R. Uthayakumar
Mr. A.Sountharalingam
Ms. D. Thavakumar
Ms. G.Kajenthini
Mr. T. Dinesh
Mr. S. Thayaraj
Mr. R. Senthuraan (AR, FCM)
Mr. Dinuka Kithman (AB, FCM)

Steering Committee

Ms. V. R. Ragel
Mr. T. Paranthaman
Dr. A. Anton Arulrajah
Dr. S. Jeyarajah
Dr. F. B.Kenneday

Advisory Committee :

Prof. P.Peratheepan      Chairman, Reaserch and Publication Committee
Ms. V. R. Ragel      Dean/ Faculty of Commerce and Management
Dr. T. Bhavan      Faculty of Commerce and Management
Dr. M. Nadira      Faculty of Arts and Culture
Dr. S. Sujendran      Faculty of Health Care Sciences
Dr. M. Koneswarn      Faculty of Science
Prof. Thayamini. H. Seran     Faculty of Agriculture
Mrs. S. Priyadharsan      Faculty of Comm. and Business Studies/ Trincomalee Campus
Mr. M.Ramanan      Faculty of Applied Science / Trincomalee Campus
Dr. A. Anton Arulrajah      Head, Department of Management, FCM, EUSL
Mr. T. Paranthaman      Head, Department of Commerce, FCM, EUSL

Track Coordinators:

ManagementDr. A. Andrew
MarketingMrs. D. Thavakumar
Human Resource ManagementDr. A. Anton Arulrajah
Accounting and FinanceDr. N. Rajeshwaran
EntrepreneurshipMr. T. Paranthaman
CommerceMr. R. Uthayakumar
EconomicsDr. T. Bhavan

Coordinators of Sub Committees:

Fund risingDr. S. Balendran , Dr. T. Prabaharan , Dr. J. Sutha & Dr. A. Andrew
Budget and Financial approvalsDean, FCM , Mr. Dinuka Kithman (AB, FCM) , Mr. R. Senthuraan (AR, FCM) , Dr. S. Jeyarajah &
Dr. (Mrs.). F. B. Kennedy
Hall Arrangements , Lunch and refreshmentMr. R. Senthuraan (AR, FCM) , Mr. K. Pushpakaran , Ms. S. Maheswaranathan , Ms. L. D. Victor , Mr. M. S. Thayaraj
Proceeding printingDr. T. Bhavan & Dr. N. Rajeshwaran
Medals, Certificates and SouvenirsDr. (Mrs.). P. Pratheesh & Ms. L.D. Victor
DocketsMr. T. Dinesh , Ms. J. Suresh & Ms. S. Sritharan
Web Management, Poster and Banners printingMr. T. Dinesh & Ms. G. Kajenthini
Invitation and RegistrationMs. J. Suresh , Ms. D. Thavakumar , Ms. S. Maheswaranathan
Monitoring the review process
Management Dr. A. Andrew
Human Resource Management   Dr. A. Anton Arulrajah
Marketing Mrs. D. Thavakumar
Accounting and Finance Dr. N. Rajeshwaran
Entrepreneurship Mr. T. Paranthaman
Commerce Mr. R. Uthayakumar
Economics Dr. T. Bhavan
Dr. S. Jeyarajah & Dr. (Mrs.). F.B. Kennedy

For More Information:

Dr. S. Jeyarajah
Faculty of Commerce and Management
Eastern University
Chenkalady- 30350
Sri Lanka

Telephone: : +94(0) 65 2240735 , +94(0) 77 668 8008

Mrs. V.R.Ragel
Faculty of Commerce and Management
Eastern University, Sri Lanka

Telephone: : +94(0) 65 2240214

Dr. (Mrs). F.B. Kennedy
Secretary, ARS-FCM 2020
Faculty of Commerce and Management
Eastern University, Sri Lanka

E-mail: arsfcm@esn.ac.lk

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