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Dr. (Mrs.) Jeyapraba Suresh


Dr. (Mrs.) Jeyapraba Suresh
PhD (CMB), M.Econ (CMB),  B.Econ (EUSL)
Senior Lecturer Gr 1
Department of Economics
Faculty of Commerce and Management
Telephone: +94 65 2240735 (Office), +94 77 0337634(Mob)
Email /


Full Name: Dr. Jeyapraba Suresh

Permanent Address: 372/2, Government Quarters Road, Kallady, Batticaloa.

Official Address: Department of Economics, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

Academic Position: Senior Lecturer- Grade I

Links to Publications


Research Publications

  1. Jeyapraba Suresh (2021), Factors associated with the likelihood of being poor in Sri Lanka. The Journal of Business Studies 05(02).
  2. Kirupakeny, K. and  Jeyapraba Suresh (2021), Nexus Between Government Expenditure and Government Tax Revenue in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Journal of Economic Research, 8(2), pp.81–95.
  3. Jeyapraba Suresh (2021) Recent Economic Expansion and Poverty Reduction in Sri Lanka, Edited Book Chapter in “ Business Transformation: Current Practice and Future Potential” Edited by Bharathy Kennedy, N. Rajeswaran and B. Vimala. 
  4. K Suresh, T Sivaguru, S Darmalingam, Jeyapraba Suresh, C Wilson (2020) “The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Sri Lankan Tourism Sector And Its Future Prospects”, American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (AJHSSR), Volume-4, Issue-11, pp-146-153.
  5. G. Narmatha & Jeyapraba Suresh (2020) “Impact of Samurdhi Programme on Poverty reduction in Nuwara- Eliya District, Sri Lanka”, Journal of Economics & Management Policy (JEMP), Vol. 1; No. 1.
  6. Jeyapraba Suresh (2019) “Does Gender matters in correlates of consumption poverty?”, American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (AJHSSR), Volume-03, Issue-11, pp-18-23
  7. Jeyapraba Suresh, (2018) "Impact of Remittances on Household Poverty in Sri Lanka" WEAI 2018 in Vancouver, Canada.  
  8. Jeyapraba Suresh (2017) “Consumption Poverty in Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka” ,18th ICMBS, International Conference held in Toronto, Canada
  9. Jeyapraba Suresh (2017) “Are ill always poorer? Evidence from HIES 2012/13” Annual Research symposium on Social science and Humanities (ARSSH)
  10. Jeyapraba Suresh (2018) “The poverty profile in post-conflict Sri Lanka”, Mentor- The Journal of Business Studies. Vol 01, No. 01. 2018
  11. Jeyapraba Suresh (2018) “Impact of remittances on Household poverty in Sri Lanka”, Western Economic Association International 93rd Annual Conference, June 26-30, 2018.
  12. Mariyathas Jeyaseelan, Jeyapraba Suresh (2018) “பெண்தலைமைத்துவ முயற்சியாண்மை அபிவிருத்தி மற்றும் பெண் வலுப்படுத்தலில் நுண்நிதியின் தாக்கம்” Jaffna University International research conference, 27th and 28th of September, 2018.
  13. Rimza Razzik, Thangamani Bhavan, Jeyapraba Suresh (2018) “இலங்கையின் பொருளாதார வளர்ச்சியில் சுற்றலாத்துறையின் தாக்கம்” Jaffna University International research conference, 27th and 28th of September, 2018.
  14. Muttukrishna Sarvananthan, Jeyapraba Suresh & Anushani Alagarajah (2017) Feminism, nationalism, and labour in post-civil war Northern Province of Sri Lanka, Journal of Development in Practice, 27:1, pp 122-128.
  15. Jeyapraba Suresh (2015), "Education and Poverty: Case of Sri Lanka", The International Conference on Business, Economics, Social Science and Humanities- BESSH 2015 in Singapore.
  16. Jeyapraba Suresh (2015), "Feminization and Poverty: A review of Literature", Annual Research Symposium at NCAS, Sri Lanka.
  17. Jeyapraba Suresh (2015), "Poverty Profile of Sri Lanka: Evidence from Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2009/10", Annual Research Symposium at NCAS, Sri Lanka.
  18. Jeyapraba Suresh (2015), Feminization of Consumption Poverty in Sri Lanka, 11th Annual Research Session of Eastern University, Sri Lanka.
  19. Jeyapraba Suresh(2014), "Consumption Poverty in a Time of Post Conflict: Factors Associated with Poverty in Eastern Province", Proceeding of “The International Conference on Future Trends in Management, Economics and Human Behavior Study -FTMEHBS 2014” conducted by IRED in Thailand.
  20. Jeyapraba (2013), “Determinants of Multidimensional Poverty in Batticaloa District” published on the proceeding of 10th International Conference on Business Management(ICBM), University of Sri Jayawardena.
  21. Jeyapraba Suresh (2013), “Impact of Micro Credit on Women’s Livelihood in Batticaloa District”, International Conference-Eastern University.
  22. Jeyapraba Suresh (2013), Causality Test between Tourism and Economic Growth, Edited Book Chapter of Dr. S. Vijayakumar in Current Economic Issues in Sri Lanka, University of Jaffna.
  23. Jeyapraba Suresh, Kanesh Suresh(2011), “The facilities of banking industries in the post-war development of North and East” Economic Review, Peoples Bank Publication
  24. Jeyapraba Suresh, Kanesh Suresh(2011), “The relationship between Export and Economic Growth” International Symposium -2011, South Eastern University, Sri Lanka.
  25. Jeyapraba Suresh, Jeyarajini (2011) “Production and Marketing Issues among Vegetable cultivating farmers in Akkaraipattu D. S Division” International Symposium -2011, South Eastern University, Sri Lanka.
  26. Jeyapraba Suresh, Kanesh Suresh(2011), “ Women Entrepreneurs in Batticaloa District: Problem and Solutions” , Paper presented at Athenaeum -2011 International Conference, Bharadhidasan Institute Of Management, Trichy, India.
  27. Jeyapraba Suresh, Bharathy Kennedy (2010), “A study on the perception of salary differences and goal realization: Focus on an Academic Institution”, paper presented on the International Conference, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, India.
  28. Jeyapraba Suresh, Ravindrakumaran(2011), “The Relationship between Economic Growth and Defense Expenditure: A Causality Analysis” on the Sri Lanka Economic Journal published by SLEA.
  29. Jeyapraba Suresh(2007), Rebuilding Coastal Area fisheries livelihood in the Batticaloa District- Post Tsunami, Under Graduate Research Forum(URF), Faculty of Commerce and Management, Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
  30. Jeyapraba Suresh, S. Paulina Mary(2006), An Analysis of the Poverty Dimensions Influencing on Education in Manmunai Pattu D. S. Division, Proceeding of 5th Annual Research Session, Eastern University Sri Lanka.

Other publications

  1. Jeyapraba Suresh, S. Amalanathan( 2006), “ Peeralaiyum Peeraliyum- 2004” book published about in Tamil about Tsunami Disaster in Batticaloa District.
  2. Jeyapraba Suresh( 2006), “ The economic impact of oil price increases in Sri Lanka” an article published on the publication of Faculty of Commerce and Management, EUSL
  3. Jeyapraba Suresh (2011), “Mitigate the natural Disaster” Souvenir published on International Disaster Day, Batticaloa District Secretariat.
  4. Jeyapraba Suresh(2011), “Developing a five hubs in Sri Lanka” Pearlai, Vincent National School Magazine.
  5. Jeyapraba Suresh(2017), “Sustainable Development Goals: Its adaptation to Sri Lanka”  Pearlai, Vincent National School Magazine (pages 192-196).

Research Interest

  • Poverty 
  • Rural and Regional Development
  • Women empowerment
  • Microfinance and Livelihood Enhancement


  • Microeconomics
  • Labour Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Production Economics
  • Economic Development and Planning
  • Theories of Economic Development 
  • Spatial and Regional Development
  • Resource planning for regional Development


  • Best Research Award for the research Paper “Women Entrepreneurs in Batticaloa District: Problem and Solutions”, presented at Athenaeum-2011 International Conference, Bharadhidasan Institute of Management, Trichy, India.
  • Received the “Kanagaretnam Senthilnayaham Memorial Award- 2006” awarded for the overall best performance at the Bachelor of Economics Special Degree Programme- 2003/2004 at the General Convocation of Eastern University.

Positions Held

  • Head, Department of Economics
  • Coordinator for Discipline of Business Economics Degree Programme, FCM
  • Coordinator, CEFE unit, FCM
  • Faculty Coordinator, UBL Cell- Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • Faculty Coordinator, Staff Development Centre, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.
  • Chairman, Sports Advisory – effect from 16.03.2011- 15.03.2013
  • Student Counsellor
  • Member of Senate- EUSL
  • Member of Board of Study- External Degree Programme- Faculty of Commerce and Management
  • Member of Curriculum committee- FCM
  • Member of Higher Degree Committee- FCM 
  • Member of Faculty Career Guidance Cell- FCM
  • Member of Faculty Gender Equality and Equity Cell- FCM